(Changes for 2012 are in Blue.)


1) Format: 18 holes Singles or Pro/Am Random Draw Doubles. Players sign up in amateur or pro division.  Singles points and Doubles points will be separate.   League points will be determined by placement based on the number of players bested plus 1.  Both Pro and Am division will receive 1 point per place.


League points formula: 

Take the number of people whos scores are higher than yours, add 1 for yourself.    



If there are 10 pro players that night, the top pro finisher scored better than 9 other players, plus he gets 1 for himself.  9 + 1 = 10 points.  If the second place finisher scored better than 8 players, he would receive 8 + 1 = 9 points.  The last place player would receive 1 point.  If you tie with someone, you did not score better than they did, so they don’t count in the calculation.   


There are also new ways to make bonus points for 2012.  See rule 7 below.


2) LODGA league starts March 13, 2012 at Universal City.  Tuesdays at Universal City (hole 5), Thursdays at Live Oak (hole 28). Sign Up by 5:45 PM. Latecomers will only be accommodated at the discretion of the TD. If you are late, do not expect to play. Tee off:  6:00 PM.  League ends Thursday, September 13, 2012. League Awards ceremony date/time/location to be announced.


Schedule will rotate through the season with formats changing to keep it interesting.    Days and locations never change…Tuesdays at UC, Thursdays at Live Oak.


3) Entry Fees:

Pro Entry Fee: $10 per player. This includes $7 for the cash payout, $1 for CTP, $1 for the ace pot, and $1 towards the club fund.  Awards and EOY party paid out of club fund.  As a reward for his or her commitment and additional responsibilities, the Club will pay a portion of the TD’s entry fee out of the CTP.  No payout money will be used for the TD. 


Am Entry Fee: $7 per player. This includes 4 points payout toward merchandise, $1 for the ace pot, $1 for the CTP, and $1 towards the club fund.  Ams will earn a minimum of 1 point every time they play.  Points may be redeemed for merchandise at any time.


Just for Fun: $2 per player.  This includes $1 for the CTP and $1 for the club fund.  The Just for Fun is a way for a new player, beginner, female, or junior player to play without putting up a lot of money in order to test their skills against others.  It is not intended to be a division in itself.  A TD has the discretion to stipulate that a player move up to the amateur division after two or three times playing just for fun.  This is an experiment to make it easier for new players, and will be evaluated and adjustments made if necessary.


LOLO Support:  For every $1 in club fund collected, 25 cents will be designated for the Ladies of Live Oak to use for tournament travel and related expenses.


4) CTP - at the beginning of each event, there will be a Closest to the Pin (CTP) contest with the TD paying out one or more places at their discretion.


5) Cash Payouts: Players must stay and receive their cash payout before leaving the event. If a player leaves and does not receive their cash, the cash is forfeited, and will be split between club fund and ace pot. However, any points accrued will still count towards your standing.


6) Ace pot: inclusion in the ace pot is mandatory.  Ace pot money will accumulate through the course of the season.  Aces will be paid equally at the conclusion of the league.  There will be no cap established on the ace pot. If there are no aces during the league, there will be a CTP at the conclusion of the league to split the ace pot 50/30/20.   


IMPORTANT:  The following criteria must be met concerning ace pot money:

  • Effective April 1, 2010, you must be a LODGA member at the time an ace is hit in order to receive a full share.  Non members will qualify for a half share, if they meet all other criteria. 
  • You must have competed in at least ten (10) league events to qualify for ace pot money or ace pot CTP.
  • You must be present at the awards ceremony to collect ace pot money.


7) Bonus points are given for each of the following:

1 bonus point will be given to the CTP winner

1 bonus point will be given for each ace

1 bonus point will be given for bringing a new player to a mini.


These points will count in your league standings.


8) Tie breakers: All ties will split the cash evenly and no official tie breaker will be held.  Players may elect to play off or CTP for ties, if all parties are in agreement.


9) Optional 51 game: TD recommends all players participate in 51. If a player on your card hits an ace, all players on the card gives the player $5. If a player on your card hits basket or above on their drive from the tee box, all players on the card pay the player $1.


10) Pro/Am random draw doubles:


In the case of an odd number of players in doubles, there will be a “Cali” player.  The Cali player has the option of paying one entry fee for one-half of a team payout (since they paid in one half team entry) or they may pay a double entry, earning a full team share of the payout.  Double payment is optional, but must be paid before the round starts. 


If a player elects to pay the double entry, they have the option of throwing twice on every shot and choosing the preferred lie.  If they do not elect to pay double, the regular Cali rules apply, with the Cali player will receiving an extra shot on each par 3 hole, and two extra shots on par 4 holes.  Scorecards will designate par 4 holes with an asterisk after the hole number. 


If there are more ams than pros, and am/am teams must be formed, each am/am team will receive 2 strokes credit.  If there are more pros than ams, and pro/pro teams must be formed, each pro/pro team will receive two penalty strokes.


Optional for doubles, Each player has the option to purchase 1 Mulligan for $1.  Mulligans may not be carried over, use it or lose it.  Mulligans must be used by the player who purchased them, not their partner.  Aces hit with Mulligans do not count for a share of the ace pot.  Holes where mulligans are used must be marked with an M on the scorecard following the score for the hole, for example 2M or 3M.


“Just for fun” players will teamed up and play doubles format but will not be teamed up with any division players.  They may can be placed on any card. 


11) Disqualification/suspension: at the TD’s discretion, any player may be disqualified or suspended from the LODGA League for any infraction of the TD or Park rules, or in the event of excessive whining. Littering will earn an immediate disqualification from all future events. If a player is disqualified, they forfeit their right to any Ace Pot money, any special prize drawings, and all points earned.  Players may appeal a suspension to the board of directors, who may or may not review the case.




Changes for 2010 and format details:

1.      On singles nights cards should be assigned randomly and also be assigned by division; pros compete with pros, ams with ams.  Exceptions by TD for ease of play

2.      Point for point distribution; the standings will be calculated by using actual cash paid and merchandise points won.

3.      Ace pot will accumulate all season and be paid out at the end of the season league awards ceremony/party.  The total ace pot will be divided evenly between all aces.  One split share for every ace during a league event 2010 season.

4.      All CTP’s at Live Oak will be set up on the course side of the park.  Not to cross roadways or park gatherings. 

5.      New “just for fun” option added to bring in new players, youth players, women players, and beginners who are unsure about playing in competitive league events and would like to come out and meet players and try out the league format.  Concerning doubles-“just for fun” players will teamed up and play doubles format but will not be teamed up with any division players but can be placed on any card.  Let’s take a detailed look at how this will be played at our next meeting. 

6.      Up to three separate course layouts will be chosen for the Live Oak rounds.  The Group/TD can choose to play any of the courses for any given night.  However no more made up holes that shorten established holes already in place will be used to save on time.   At least one of the course layouts will have a short course designed for quick play.  Lets identify these courses at our next meeting

7.      Concerning LOSO: during the 3 weeks prior to the LOSO 2010 Live Oak will become the singles location and U.C will be ……… exact formats for LOSO will be played alternating each week to include both courses.  This is a strategy to increase local scoring and give a course knowledge advantage to locals. 

8.      If there is a lack of Pros for the Pro-am doubles then 2 ams will be teamed up and given 2 mulligan’s for each am player.  Placing will not affect pro cash pay-out as ams only compete for merchandise.  This will serve to even the field for Pro-am teams.  Using mulligan’s instead of free strokes still makes players throw a good shot to better their score instead of automatically giving them strokes at the start of play. 

9.      Concerning the “just for fun” league. Any male player over the age of 15 will not be able to play in the “just for fun” option more than 2 times.  Any players whom do not meet the definition of beginner level, new, or youth, or inexperienced will be required to play in the amateur division.  

10.  Please add anything I missed and also points from our meeting on the 11th.  See you guys then. 


Theme for 2010 league is to grow our league numbers- bring in and develop more local players at all levels.  League is being constantly adjusted to align efforts with this overall goal.