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Early Disc Golf in San Antonio

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The earliest recorded history of disc golf in San Antonio traces its roots to the Seven Oaks motel on Austin Highway.  Seven Oaks had a pitch and putt ball golf course, and players like John "Wolfman" Ince, "Father" Dave Tayloe, and Keith "Big Bird" Baker had weekly disc golf minis there in the late 1980's.  "Father" Dave later moved to Austin and formed the Waterloo Disc Golf Club.   It was at that time that the original Alamo City Disc Club was formed.  Besides Seven Oaks, early SA area courses included Bradley Middle School at 281 and Brookhollow, and also at Blossom stadium at Starcrest and Jones Maltzburger.  It was there that Brian Schmidt, a former Freestyle champion and Ultimate player saw the game for the first time.  Brian was on the field playing Ultimate, and had just twisted and sprained his ankle for the hundredth time.  As he lay in pain on the ground, he saw people in the distance playing disc golf.  And he knew this was his next in a progression of disc sports.

Schmidt began to lobby the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation to put in a course.  He spent three years on a plan for Olmos Park.  The park was about to be put in, and the baskets were purchased.  But at the last moment the deal crumbled.  Brian was disappointed, but undaunted.  He approached Universal City, made the deal within a few months, and the course was installed.

Next door, at the City of Live Oak, City Manager Joe Painter had a vision.  Joe pushed the city to install an 18-hole course, which he hired John Houck to design.  It was to be but the first of John's many many courses.  The original 18 hole layout has been modified, but has grown into a 38 hole mecca for disc golf in South Texas.

LODGA was formed by Brian Schmidt in 2004.  Brian had the vision of a day when many disc golf clubs cooperated with each other to grow the sport and provide a fun atmosphere for the disc golfer.  As such, he created LODGA to be an Alliance of many players from all over South Texas.  LODGA was run by Brian nearly single-handedly for several years.

In 2007, when Brian was forced to move to Dallas for his job, a few of us saw the need to formalize the club, because it required a small army of us to continue the foundation laid by Brian.  We were truly amazed at the amount of time and effort that running the club required.  So we developed a charter and articles of association to give us a way to fill his  size 21 shoes.

On January 5, 2008, a club meeting was held.  The idea was presented and the charter was approved unanimously. 

Officers were nominated and elected, and the club was reborn.