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Trust & Safety

Sharing your home is an amazing thing and it brings so many benefits
to everyone involved, but it does require trust, understanding and

Always get to know the Resident/Lodger using our secure messaging system
before meeting each other and do not exchange any money until you are both confident you are happy with the property and each other :). Having a Lodger agreement in place will also help set clear expectation from the get go.

What we’re doing to help

Your safety is our Number 1 priority. The Lodga team are doing everything we can to protect our community and users. Every single advert is reviewed by a member of our team and we’re also working hard to implement further systems to increase the level of trust and safety in the Lodga community.

It’s not all down to us though and every user needs to ensure they have
done their own due diligence on the Lodger/Resident. A generic google of your Lodger/Resident is always a good starting point and take a look at things like social media profiles.


You should also be familiar with the health and safety guidelines related to COVID-19 and be following your local
and national laws and recommendations.